Advisory Committees and Stakeholder Engagement

One of the roles of the NAB is to provide the Minister with qualified and competent advice on regulatory and industry matters. Stakeholder engagement is therefore critical to the NAB, and regular meetings with stakeholders in the different areas are taking place.

In addition, the NAB instituted a formal industry stakeholder engagement platform through the National Horticulture Task Team Platform (NHTT) to ensure that dialogue can take place on all levels in the industry. This enables the NAB, and therefore the Minister, to make informed decisions based on participative stakeholder engagement.

National Horticulture Task Team

The Namibian Agronomic Board is hosting the National Horticulture Task Team (NHTT) meetings to achieve its mission to develop and promote a sustainable and diverse agronomic industry through strong leadership, management, facilitation, advice and regulation in effective partnership with Government and stakeholders.

The NHTT is the only multi-stakeholder representative platform where all stakeholders in the horticulture industry are represented, to ensure a competent team of advisors to the NAB.

The NHTT is comprised of  

Three meetings are held annually, which serve as an important platform to discuss the progress of the Market Share Promotion Scheme, discuss and address issues of industry concern, and to deliberate opportunities in order to develop the horticulture sector in the country. The NHTT advises and makes recommendations to the NAB.

Special Horticulture Task Team meetings are also convened ad-hoc to discuss specific topics which are not relevant to the entire NHTT members.

Horticulture Area Committees

The Horticulture Area Committees are representing the interests of the producers in the various areas. The Chairpersons of the various area committees are serving on the NHTT. The following people are actively serving on the NHTT (2017):

Horticulture Area Committees

Area Chairperson Cell nr E-mail
Central Area Anton Koekemoer 0812366369
Karst Area Hannes Arangies 0855548621
Kavango Area Matthias Muronga 0812845416
Zambezi Area Mr Kachana Raphael 0814740733
North Central Area (Etunda) Webster Lichaha 0812864021
North Central Area (Olushandja) Sylvanus Naunyango 0812584584
South Central Area Burger Harmse 0811293553
Far Southern Area Albert van der Merwe 0812091919
Grapes Association Nico van de Merwe 0813501515
NAHOP Patrick Hilger 0812881038
Namibian Organic Association (NOA) Freddy Beukes 0813484750
Potato and Onion Association (POPA) Vico Blume 0812789041
Area Map
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