The Master Agronomist Award is awarded annually and alternates between a rain fed and irrigation grain farmer. Farmers are nominated by individual Farmers’ Associations and an evaluation team comprising members of the Agronomy Producers Association (APA), the NAB Secretariat and the previous year’s winner. The evaluation team conducts personal interviews and inspects the nominated farms.

Selection criteria for the Master Agronomist Award include how the producer has adapted modern farming techniques in an attempt to commercialise farming processes. 

Previous Winners:

  • 2012: Mr Jasper Blaauw
  • 2013: Mr Sean Nicholson
  • 2014: Mr Andre Compion
  • 2015: Mr Hendrik Kleynhans
  • 2016: Mr Georg Sievers
  • 2017: Mr Ebbie Fischer


The Zambezi Region Dry-land Maize Champion is awarded annually to producers who produce white maize on a small scale under red fed conditions in the Zambezi Region. Assessments are carried out on the farms of producers who are nominated for the award and criteria include the extent to which producers manage their farms to maximise their yield. Such practices typically include introducing fertilisers to their farming practises and where possible how modern farming practices are incorporated into their production processes, how financial management systems are used in the farming practice to assist the producer in achieving maximum yield and how they've introduced crop diversification. All these improvements have the potential to aid the farmer in producing a surplus crop that can be sold and entered into the food supply chain, contributing to food security in Namibia.

Previous Winners

  • 2012 - Mr Fidelis Mubuchile
  • 2013 - Mr Francis Imenda
  • 2014 - Mr Fred Mwabi
  • 2015 - No Awards were given in 2015 due to the crippling drought experienced in Namibia
  • 2016 - No Awards were given in 2016 due to the crippling drought experienced in Namibia
  • 2017 – Mr Alex Siseho


Traditionally, mahangu subsistence farmers hold a Thanksgiving Ceremony (in Oshiwambo-speaking region it is called Oshipe) after every mahangu harvest cycle. The ritual is performed to give thanks for the rain that has brought the cycle of germination, growth and harvest of a mahangu season. It also symbolises the end of an annual harvest cycle and the beginning of a new production cycle by praying for a good season of rain for the next harvest. 

Previous Winners

  • 2012 - Mr Samuel Tweufiilwa Nepunda
  • 2013 - Ms Ivensia Nepemba Hango
  • 2014 - Mr. Pinehas Nambandi
  • 2015 - No Awards were given in 2015 due to the crippling drought experienced in Namibia
  • 2016 – Mr Hafeni Natanael
  • 2017 – Mr Andreas Kamukwanyama


The main aims of the National Horticulture Day are to promote Namibian horticulture fresh produce, to celebrate the achievements of producers on a small and large scale and to give recognition to traders who source the highest percentage of fresh produce locally. The event is celebrated annually and has become a greatly anticipated fixture on the calendars of producers and traders alike.

Previous Winners

  • 2012 - Mr Abner Shikongo
  • 2013 - Mr Dirk van der Berg
  • 2014 - Mr Michael Iyambo
  • 2015 - Mr Albert van der Merwe
  • 2016 - Mr Jan Harm Cronje
  • 2017 - Mr Paulus Amutenya
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2018 Dry-Land Maize Producers Awarded

Mr. Lifasi Munsu from Sibbinda constituency in the Zambezi region was crowned as the National Communal Dry-Land Maize Champion Farmer Of The Year, at an awards ceremony held on Wednesday, 22 August
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