Call for Entries for the 2018 Horticultural Producer Of The Year Awards

Date: 05 Apr 2018

There are few occasions where farmers gather to truly celebrate their achievements, and share lessons learnt in an effort to better their farming activities. One such occasion is the National Horticulture Day (NHD) organised during September each year by the Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB), in collaboration with various partners. The Horticultural Producer of the Year Awards Ceremony is held at the same juncture, when local producers of horticultural fresh fruit and vegetables from across the country converge on the farm of the winning producer.

The Horticultural Producer of the Year Award recognises the extraordinary breed of horticulture producers who have made a success of their farming business through sheer determination, dedication and foresight. Honouring such achievements, is one important effort aimed at encouraging local supply of fresh produce, whilst decreasing our dependence on imports - or import substitution as it is known in the industry.

The horticulture industry in Namibia is regulated through the Market Share Promotion scheme, or MSP, where all importers of fresh fruit and vegetables in Namibia are required to buy a minimum percentage of their fresh produce from Namibian producers – before they are granted a permit to import fresh produce from outside the country. Currently this minimum stands at 44 percent, up from a mere 5 percent at the inception of MSP scheme during 2005.

As a result of this voluntary agreement between producers and traders, the local horticultural industry in Namibia continues to grow. The NAB plays a crucial role in facilitating and overseeing the implementation of this agreement which is implemented by the Agro Marketing and Trade Agency (AMTA), the agent appointed by the NAB.

This year, the National Horticulture Day will take place on Wednesday, 26 September 2018, and producers are called upon to submit entries for the title of the 2018 Horticultural Producer of the Year across 3 different categories:

  • Large Scale Horticulture Producer of the Year, where the production takes place on an area of 10 or more hectares per annum.
  • Medium Scale Producer of the Year, where the production takes place on an area of between 3 to 10 hectares per annum.
  • Small Scale Producer of the Year, where production takes place on 3 hectares or less per annum.

To stand a chance of being awarded the respective 2018 Horticultural Producer of the Year titles, producers from across Namibia are encouraged to submit their applications, either through the representative of the National Association of Horticultural Producers (NAHOP), or directly to NAB. Entries close on 27 April 2018 and farm evaluation visits are scheduled during the period 14 to 24 May 2018. This will be done by a panel of judges comprising representatives from the NAB, NAHOP, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF), AMTA, AGRIBUSDEV and previous winner of the award.

Entry forms are available either through the NAHOP Area Committee Representatives, or may be downloaded from the NAB website at or call the NAB on (061) 379 500 for further information.

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