Mahangu Awards

Mahangu Awards

Since 2002, Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB) together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry (MAWF) on an annual basis is hosting the mahangu harvest festival. The aim is to reward the producers, and promote and encourage high production of mahangu in Namibia.

Traditionally, mahangu subsistence farmers in the North Central Regions (Oshana, Ohangwena, Omusati and Oshikoto) hold a Thanksgiving Ceremony (Oshipe in Oshiwambo language) after every mahangu harvest cycle. The ritual is performed to give thanks for the rain that has brought the cycle of germination, growth and harvest of a mahangu season. It also symbolises the end of an annual harvest cycle and the beginning of a new production cycle by praying for a good season of rain for the next harvest. A celebration of the Annual National Mahangu Harvest Festival is only taking place when that production season is not characterized by national crop disaster.

The selection process for farmers to take part in the championship competition starts in the regions interviewing participating farmers and visiting their mahangu fields before the harvest. The selection looks at how the farmer combined various elements in order to harvest maximum yield per hectare, and not assessing the total quantity of grain that a farmer harvested. This competition has two categories.

Category One recognises farmers who:

  • produce mahangu on more than 10 hectares;
  • conduct operations that are semi commercial and mechanised;
  • have the resources to hire labour;
  • yield an average of 1.2 tons per hectare; and,
  • market 50% or more of their harvest.

The overall winner of the regional winners in Category One is recognised as the National Grand Champion Mahangu Farmer.
Category Two recognises farmers who:

  • cultivate between 5 hectares and 10 hectares
  • have the resources to implement improved technologies and techniques,
  • produce between 0.8 and 1.2 tons per hectare, and;
  • market up to 50% of their harvest.

The overall winner of the regional winners in Category Two is recognised as the National Champion Mahangu Farmer.

The “National Grand Champion Mahangu Farmer of the Year” and the “National Champion Mahangu Farmer of the Year” are awarded during the National Mahangu Harvest Festival – a modernised Thanksgiving Ceremony – as organised by the NAB.

List of Overall National Mahangu Grand Champions (Category One)

  • 2009 - Mr. Samuel Nepunda
  • 2010 - Mr. Andreas Kamukwanyama
  • 2011 - Lazarus Haushona
  • 2012 - Mr. Samuel Nepunda
  • 2013 - Ms. Ivensia Nepemba Hango
  • 2014 - Mr. Pinehas Nambandi
  • 2015 - There was no award due to drought
  • 2016 - Mr. Hafeni Natanael
  • 2017 - Mr. Andreas Kamukwanyama

List of Overall National Mahangu Champions (Category Two)

  • 2009 - Ms. Leena Lyevela
  • 2010 - Getrude Sikanda
  • 2011 - Ms. Leena Lyevela
  • 2012 - Elias Sipombo Mbumba
  • 2013 - Mr. Festus Abiatal
  • 2014 - Mr. Thiremo Thikerete
  • 2015 - There was no award due to drought
  • 2016 - Ms. Helvi Hausiku
  • 2017 - Mr. Fred Mwabi

Regional Mahangu Champions are also being acknowledged. Below are the recent Regional Mahangu Champions.

Regional Grand Champions Mahangu Farmer of the Year 2017 (Category One)

Ms. Eris Likando Zambezi
Mr. Innosensius Shikusho Kavanto East
Mr. Andreas Kamukwanyama Kavango West
Mr. Saltiel Phillipus Otjozondjupa
Mr. Timoteus Haimene Ohangwena
Mr. Simson Immanuel Oshikoto
Mr. Saltiel Iipinge Omusati

Regional Champions Mahangu Farmer of the Year 2017 (Category Two)

Mr. Fred Mwabi Zambezi
Mr. Matheus Kanyetu Kavango West
Ms. Selma Ndeunyema Ohangwena
Mr. Sakeus Kagwe Oshikoto
Ms. Genovefa Mpinge Oshana
Ms. Linda Shoombe Omusati
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Latest News

26 Sep 2019

Producers & Traders of Horticulture fresh produce awarded

The sponsors for this year’s National horticulture awards include, Agribank of Namibia, Agra, Stark Ayres, Kaap-Agri Namibia & Agri-Gro Namibia. The NAB Chief Executive Officer, Dr Fideli
26 Apr 2019

Horticultural Producer of the year - Application Form

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