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Welcome to the Namibian Agronomic Board

The Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB), came into existence as a statutory body on 1 April 1985 in terms of the Agronomic Industry Proclamation AG 11 and AG 12 of 1985. In 1992, these Proclamations were replaced by the Agronomic Industry Act, Act 20 of 1992, defining the Board’s powers and obligations. In terms of section 9 of the Agronomic Industry Act, the objectives of the Namibian Agronomic Board are to promote the agronomic industry and to facilitate the production, marketing and processing of controlled products in Namibia.

The financial, administrative and daily operational mechanism of the NAB is performed by the NAB Secretariat whose main functions are:

  • Facilitating the marketing of controlled agronomic crops and regulating the market environment;
  • Promoting domestically produced agronomic crops, fostering and improving the market for all declared crops and products thereof via its agent AMTA;
  • Maintaining a regulatory framework for controlled crops and their products, recommending crops for gazetting, maintaining quality standards and the monitoring of controlled agronomic crops and their products;
  • Managing the domestic trade environment and facilitating the development of  grain and horticultural markets to ensure that its clients are not exposed to unfair trading practices;
  • Developing projects and sources of funding to enhance small-scale agronomic production and marketing;
  • Making recommendations to and advising the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) on all issues relating to the agronomic industry.

Controlled crops in the agronomic sector in Namibia are mahangu, or pearl millet, white maize, wheat and horticulture fresh produce.

Latest News

09 May 2016

Entries Called for the Horticulture Producer of the Year Award

Windhoek, 9 May 2016: There are few occasions when farmers gather to truly celebrate their achievements. One such occasion is the National Horticulture Day (NHD), organised annually by the Namibian
14 Apr 2016

The 2016 Master Agronomist Award at Farm Ilmenau

Windhoek, 14 April 2016: The Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB) has this year awarded the title of Master Agronomist to Mr Georg Sievers of farm Ilmenau near Grootfontein. The NAB initiated the Master
04 Apr 2016

Namibia guaranteed maize for its citizens but at a price

Windhoek, 4 April 2016: The current drought that has crippled most of the agricultural sector in southern Africa was the focal point in the recent Grain South Africa Conference, held in Bothaville
16 Nov 2015

The importance of healthy, productive soils to grow food for Namibia

Building healthy soils in the Republic of Namibia to result in a food secure nation will take the combined efforts of all producers and starts with promoting the sustainable management of soils in