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Staple food grown by our farmers for our nation.

Controlled Crops

Although Namibia is one of the driest countries in sub Saharan Africa, it is possible to produce staple food grains such as pearl millet – or mahangu – white maize and wheat. Namibia also has a steadily growing horticultural sector that produces crops that include potatoes, onions, tomatoes and carrots.

Most of these crops are cultivated under rain fed conditions resulting in fluctuating yield and profitability for producers.


Controlled grain crops under the NAB’s jurisdiction are white maize and products thereof, wheat and products thereof and mahangu and products thereof.

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Wheat is a winter crop, and can therefore only be produced in Namibia, under irrigation.

White Maize

Namibia, like the rest of mid and southern Africa, produces white maize.


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White Maize (MT)

Production marketed for 2022/2023

Wheat (MT)

Production marketed for 2022/2023

Horticulture (Fresh Produce)

Locally marketed for 2021/2022

Pearl Millet (Mahangu) (MT)

Production marketed for 2022/2023

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