Horticulture producers and trade

Horticulture producers and traders in fresh produce to be awarded

Horticulture producers and trade

Event: National Horticulture Day & Award Ceremony
Date: Wednesday, 27 September 2017
(Full day event, including the official programme, excursions leading into a networking braai)
Venue: REIT Club, Okahandja

Each year, the Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB) brings the horticulture industry together to publicly recognise the hard work, innovation and ingenuity of producers and traders in their efforts to provide the Namibian market with locally produced fresh fruit and vegetables. Honouring these achievements this year, will take place on Wednesday, 27 September 2017, in the garden town of Okahandja, to be officiated by Honourable John Mutorwa, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

The theme for the 2017 National Horticulture Day, is “Innovate from seed to plate”, in appreciation of the technological innovations adopted in the year round production of quality fresh produce, prominent amongst the many small scale albeit commercial horticulture producers in the area. The garden town of Okahandja being the venue for this year’s event undoubtedly befits the theme, and doubles as the location of this year’s medium scale category winner. The overall winners in the producer categories to be awarded are:

    Mr Paulus Amutenya, Epandulo/Olushandja (Omusati Region)
    Mr Jan Louis, Agricon Mushrooms – Okahandja (Otjozondjupa Region)
    Mr Clemence Makumbi, Kopano/Inkakusire (Zambezi Region)

Traders, retailers and caterers in fresh fruit and vegetables will also be recognised for their contribution towards buying locally produced fruit and vegetables before looking to import the same commodities from elsewhere. This synergy between producers and traders is crucial towards strengthening and sustaining the Namibian “Market Share Promotion”. The overall winner in the horticulture trader “Mega Category”, also to be awarded is:

  • Food Lover’s Market/Fruit & Vegetables (Pty) LTD (Windhoek)

The Namibian Agronomic Board has been implementing the horticulture “Market Share Promotion” scheme since its inception in 2005. Back then, the MSP stood at just 5% and has grown to its present 44% as a threshold. The MSP requires that all traders, retailers and caterers buy a minimum of 44% of all their fresh fruit and vegetables locally, in a given period, before they will be issued with import permits.

 The NAB, through its agent AMTA, closely monitors the compliance of all importers of horticulture produce, and curtails the imports issued to traders, retailers and caterers who do not adhere to the agreed minimum of 44% local procurement. While the required minimum as a threshold may be revised from time to time, the MSP reached during the December 2016, January and February 2017 data evaluation period of this year has already reached 46%. This performance is a remarkable achievement for the horticulture industry and the annual awards are an opportunity to showcase success stories while providing a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas.

As one of the principal stakeholders in the industry, media is invited to attend the National Horticulture Day and the Award Ceremony in Okahandja. Kindly confirm your attendance to the event with Virginia Kangootui by Friday 01 September 2017, Tel no: 061 – 379 500; Cell no: 0813724940; Email: nabdesk2@nab.com.na