Pearl Millet

Pearl Millet (Mahangu) Grain Floor Price for the 2020 Marketing Season

Pearl Millet

The floor price for Mahangu is calculated by the Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB) per annum, based on the production cost. The formulate used, has been agreed on by organised Mahangu producers and Mahangu millers and is endorsed by the NAB.

This is done to safeguard an orderly marketing environment in order to stimulate production and marketing of surplus Mahangu grain in Namibia.

Therefore, the NAB is hereby announcing the Mahangu grain floor price for the 2020 marketing season, which will commence on 1st July 2020. The floor price to be paid to the producer, at mill door, should not be less than:

N$ 4,988.50 per ton
(N$ 4.99 per kg, or N$ 90.32 per lata of 18.1kg)